Remembrance Day 2013

12 Nov

Honestly, I never have been in this great event in the past 10 years. I thought it is only Canadian’s holiday. Therefore, I only spent my time to go out with friends or stay at home.

I had a really good time at this event, located at Hastings St. and Cambie St. in downtown, and I felt a kind of honor that I was able to be there. I should appreciated all Canadian because they sent gladly their soldiers to our country, South Korea. I could here because they fought at Korean War for us, who never met before and have no any clues about our country.

Compare to South Korea, rememberance day is getting not important. They treats soldiers badly even though they fought for our country and our people. People have an idea increasingly that we do not need soldiers because the world is getting peaceful now. However, our war is not ended but is in abeyance. We, of course, need our own soldiers, and we should respect them and treat them way better. I would appreciated if our country change their mind and respect soldiers at least a half of Canadian does.

Thank you for all Canadian soldiers! I am able to study here because of you all, and you all helped me to think more deeply.

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